about SGMN


just because you are a bustling and hustling, DAMN amazing human, does not mean you don't need to take care of yourself.

at SuburbanGoddessMN it is the belief that self-care should be simple, easily accessible, stress-free, magical, and for EVERY woman!

SGMN offers crystal infused products that can be easily added to any routine and workshops that connect you with like-minded women and give you tools to take care of yourself.

all items are hand-made in small batches. this not only ensures quality, but makes certain your items are packed with intention. because of all this goodness, please be patient with shipping. 

carissa is the creator and face behind SGMN. she is a sarcastic, rock music-listener, junk food-eating, essential oil-wearing, tattooed, busy mama to 16 year-old twins and wife to her hottie of a husband for 17 years.

after realizing she hasn't become a statistic after all these years and the common thread being self-care, she decided to bring her knowledge to the masses. add some astrological magic and BOOM - SGMN!

she worked a 9-5 desk job for 10 years and now has her main focus on SGMN spreading the importance of self-care to women everywhere!