what they're saying

"I have been using Suburban Goddess products for over a year now and have attended many workshops as well and I can honestly say it has made a huge difference in my life. You can literally feel the passion and love that goes into every product. Each workshop has strengthed my own self care journey and I am finally putting myself first after 40 years of making myself small to make others happy. Carissa truly cares about her customers and it shows. She is the real deal."

-Beth K.

Minneapolis, MN

"I decided to pamper myself and keep these good vibes going. Everything in this box smells AMAZING!!!"

-Yiz H.

Chisholm, MN

"My friends loved loved loved them!! One of my friends says she doesn't have a bath but going to get a hotel room just to take a bath!!"

-Tyra Q.

Colorado Springs, CO